Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's in my travel makeup bag?

let's have a look on what i brought while going on a trip !
This video was recorded in Geneva, Swizerland. I spent one day and one night there.

hope you enjoy it :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dramatic look d'une Parisienne

Hi ladies... today i'm gonna post a tutorial that i posted on Jeban website. 

It was for the January tutorial contest  there.

The theme is about a 'Parisenne' girl in the winter.

This is my first dramatic look tutorial ><''

the lens i'm wearing in this post are :

let's start with the before - after photo

products used :

CHANEL Vitalumiere AQUA #B30 beige sable

URBAN DECAY eye primer potion

MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua eyes 0L



ETUDE big eye vitcara

PALTY mascara

SHU UEMURA eyebrow pencil

MAC false lashes #36

DUO adhesive lash glue

CHANEL JC blush in espiegle

MAC tinted lip conditioner in gentle coral

SHISEIDO perfect rouge glowing matte RD325


From what i could see when i was visiting Paris is that
les 'filles Parisiennes' like wearing black & sharp eyeliner
On the lips, i think they love to wear natural color or red lipstick.
That's why i'm gonna do with a natural color on the lips first
and then apply the red lipstick.

i chose the CHANEL Vitalumiere AQUA #B30 beige sable for foundation
this foundation is very light. Yet, you will have a nice radiance touch with this foundation.

apply URBAN DECAY eye primer potion as an eyeshadow bas on the lids

then use MAKE UP FOR EVER aqua eyes 0L line your tighlines and waternlines

then line the lower lash line, i have small eyes so i leave out the waterline

For those who have pretty big eyes, you might appy the eyeliner directly on the waterlines

Using the same pencil eyeliner, apply it to the outer corner of your eyes

then with a pencil brush , blend it along the outer crease

and slightly bring it forward above the inner corner of your eyes

apply the shimmering grey eyeshadow from HOLIKA HOLIKA on the centre of your eyes

dab the same eyeshadow into the pencil brush and apply and blend it over the lower liner
to soften the line.

then use an ashy brown eyeshadow color in COASTAL SCENTS 78 palette
as a blending eyeshadow color

line your upper eyes (we'll fix the lines after putting the false lashes on)

use a cotton bud to smudge the lines

and then use another side of the cotton bud, dab the same shimmering grey from HOLIKA HOLIKA
on the inner corner of your eyes (v)

apply mascara, and put on some false lashes by using using DUO adhesive lash glue

here i'm using MAC false lashes #36

do your eyebrows

Here it's what the finished eyes look like
(the glue wasn't dry yet on the photo)

For cheeks, i'm using CHANEL JC in espiegle blush

it's a peachy rose color .. so pretty <3

For a natural lip color, i just applied MAC tinted conditioner in gentle coral on the lips

This is perfect for winter time 'cause not only the color's pretty but it also helps moisturizng your lips

with this tinted lip conditioner, this dramatic look is seen more 'natural'

some photos before changing into red lipstick !

For red lips, i'm using SHISEIDO perfect rouge glowing matte in RD325

Finished look !

and to complete the Parisienne look, last photo, la tour eiffel, " l'incontournable de Paris"
i took this photo during a trip on Christmas last year.

photoshoped with me in this look.

Thank you for looking  

hope you enjoy and understand what i wrote.. lol

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi lovelies ! today post gonna be about NEO COSMO DALI EXTRA SIZE #BROWN !

i ordered this lens from Candylens website. The shipping was so fast ! i received the lens after placing my order in 1 week !

The packaging and stuff are also nice.. the lens came with a pink polka dot little box, a thank you card , lens and a cute pink piggy lens case !



Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: 12 months

The lens are so pretty and very natural looking ! and that is exactly what i waited for ...

also, i found that they suit my little asian eyes pretty well.. i mean they do enlarge my eyes but not too much

it blends very well with my natural dark brown eye ... no fake looking !

it's comfortable to wear and they are my everyday lens to go when i go to college :)