Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 style of mokey eye tutorials

these are my 2 smokey eye make up style that i've created :)

hope you enjoy them :)

Monday, December 27, 2010


I know Christmas is bygone.. but here are some late Christmas photos that my bf took in Montbéliard, a petite ville (little town) near Besançon where I live.

I don't actually celebrate Christmas but Christmas is somehow one of my favorite celebration. It kinda has some magic going on in these holidays :)

This year it's been a white chirstmas.. snow snow everywhere ... me lying on my bed all day yet i caught a cold :(

but i'm feeling better now (after long long sleeping like 24 hours :p)


and you may notice that i changed my blog template again.. i really am an indecisive person.. i get boring too easily...  ;p

now i'm obsessed with minimalist.. so i'm not wearing make up much at this moment.

Lately, i've spent tons of my money into fashion and accessories 'cause i think i don't have enough which obviously are not true at all (stated my bf lol) but yeah.. i will take sometimes off with make up buys and will try to use up all make up i have right now ^___~

How to : Sweet look by CHANEL

Hello, everyone.. Today i'm posting a new tutorial that I did couple months ago.

In this how to, i'm using my favorite eye palette of the moment :

Les 4 ombres #Enigma

here is the finished look :)


products used
Coffret d'or base
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua #B30
Coffret d'or Make up powder
Urban decay eye primer potion
palta eyebrow mascara
Chanel les 4 ombres #Enigma
Etude 66 Big eye vitcara
Nars Orgasm blush
Benefit High Beam
Takako style false lashes
Etude LUCIDarling lipstick #6
Chanel Rouge coco #37 Rose dentelle

some photos before make up (no lens and with lens)... I'm wearing Stella brown lens for this look.

To complete this sweet look, i curled my hair with plastic curlers while my hair was still humid and then simply let them dry during make up.

for base make up, i used these 3 :

First of all, i applied the coffret d'or base all over your face. This base will help brighten up the skin and help make up that we put stay still during the day.

Then i applied the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation.

(on the right of the photo, me with Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation on)

This foundation is really light, it is more sheer to medium coverage.
However, it does give you a natural and nicey glow finish look :)

Time to eye makeup,

To start off, i applied Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion all over my lids.

and These are the 3 colours I used in this look !

left photo : apply the 1st colour on the outer lid of the eyes.
right photo : then use the 2nd colour on the outer of the eyes and blend in.

2 photos above, apply the pink colour into your lids.
2 phtos below, appy the 2nd colour on 1/3 of the lower lash line. blend blend to soften the look.

apply brow mascara on your brows.

To the important part of how to accomplish this sweet look, .. falsh eyelashes !

now to volumize your lashes, i applied l'oreal mascara to my upper lashes
and used Etude 66 big eye vitcara on my lower lashes.

on my cheeks, i used Nars Orgasm blush

For hightlight, i applied the benefit high beam on my nose bridge , my tip and on my chin.

Then finish off with Coffret d'or make up loose powder to fix all make up.

First, i aplied Etude LUCIDarling lipstick #6 which is really pretty colour. it's kinda like milk tea colour :)

i wanted this look to be really sweet, charming so i decided to change the lip colour in to Chanel Rouge coco #Rose dentelle.

This is really pretty, sweet pink rose colour

and now we're finished !

hope you enjoy it , xoxo 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Paris noël 2010

i was in Paris on these past Tuesday and Wednesday (21 - 22).

here i put a video to give you a little idea of what Paris looks like during this time of Chirstmas holidays..

^____~ WARNING ! the video is blurry !! so please bare with me :P

hope you enjoy it :)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elf myself lol

wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

much love xx <3

Saturday, November 27, 2010

REVIEW : ETUDE LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #Beige Brown + Top coat


sorry again for the absence,
right now i'm in the middle of my exam period !!!
i have 3 dossiers to finish and 4 exams coming in this coming december month ..
wish me luck X)

*promise to update as soon as i finish all my exams ;)


So today i'm doing a review on LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #Beige Brown & Top coat.

Fist i have to say that i love the color of this product !

Although the color in the bottle corresponds to the name of the color : beige brown
but in my opinion I think it's more like pinkish beige brown muddy color (too many adj lol) when applied.

it gives a satin finish with a slight shimmer.

in these photos,i applied 2 coats and then used Etude top coat on top (well it makes sense, right lol)

it lasts about 1 week without any peeling off which i find kind of amazing 'cause i have to wash dishes, do the housework and this kind of work usually damages my nail color

so yeah.. i'd give 5 out of 5 star to these 2 products ^_____^

Monday, November 15, 2010

KOREA TRIP (30 june - 4 july 2010) part 1

Hi, guys .. so yeah in this post i'm gonna talk about Korea trip that i went last summer !..

It's been now like 5 months ago... hmm

and I've still not finished to process the photos I've taken -*- really been sooo lazy these days (well actually i'm ALWAYS lazy - -'')

anyway .. I managed to resize some photos and put them together to show you guys =)

I went to Korea with a tour group so we didn't actually have much time in one place.

When we go with a tour group, normally the 1st and last day are all about departure and arrival.

I was flying with Jinair airline. it is a low cost airline.

but i was pretty satisfied with the service. here was a meal on the plane.

We left Bangkok, Thailand around 1 pm and we arrived in Seoul, Korea nearly 9.30 pm and went directly check-in in a hotel .. and that's pretty much what we did for the first day !

here was my make up for the 2nd day in Korea.

The first place we visited was Hwaseong fortress. It is located in Suwon

we only walked about 1 kilometre I think.

Then we went to Wau Jeongsa Temple. I think it's a Thai temple. This is a really calm and peaceful place. We could hear Thai prayer all over the temple.

After that, we spent the afternoon at Everland. I did not play many attractions there because I was with my aunt and my mom.

So we only took some photos and went to Safari, see some animal shows ^^

while i was there, the theme of the park was "Summer Splash".

Etude House shop in Everland.. I love the decoration of the shop here.. it's really cute and dreaming.

one activity I couldn't miss was trying out cute headbands and taking photos :P

and i ended up buying a bunny one <3

colorful tree ..

Korean couples are really sweet ! I luuuuuuuuv how they are wearing clothes in pair.

I took a photo of a couple. Both of them were wearing the exact same T-shirt, knee breeches and sneakers !

how cute is that >_< ..


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Natural Flawless (Korean inspired)

Hi! i'm posting a new how to video. This is how i do a natural flawless look.

like its title, i was inspired by Korean make up!

In this video, i speak Thai but i tried to put some English subtitle in the video ^^

a close up to the eye look

Finished look

After seeing my video and look at the photos,

I kinda think that i'm better in doing photo how to than video how to ^^'

maybe i will be focusing on doing photo how to in the future =)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Collective HAUL : make up, and clothes !

Hi everyone ^_~ Today, i'm going to post a collective haul from these past 2 months :))

well, for this fall/winter time, this knit snood from Promod is gonna be the scarve for me
I have been wearing it most days since I got it !

I like the twist but yet simple. ♥

It also keeps me very warm and is very easy to put on and off ;)

me wearing this snood. Without makeup, I look pretty tired here -_-'

now let's move on on beauty products !

This post is gonna devote to CHANEL brands! :P

I don't know why i'm so into Chanel makeup lately

I never took a close look to Chanel make up before but since I got Chanel the tweed corail blush from my aunt, I guess I just simply fell in love with it
and it dragged me to other Chanel products !

The first lot of them are these two :

LES 4 OMBRES in #Enigma

ROUGE COCO in #37 Rose dentelle

both are from the Fall collection 2010

les 4 ombres #Enigma

les 4 ombres #Enigma : 45 Euros


Rouge COCO #37 Rose dentelle : 28.90 Euros

(comparing with YSL Rouge volupté #2 Sensual Silk)

the colour of Rose dentelle is pretty close to Chintz (from the same collection)

But Chintz is more like a peachy pink while Rose dentelle is a bluish pink

top : no flash
bottom : with flash

I got 20% off .. so instead of paying 74.40 euros,

I got these two items at 59.52 euros which, I think, is a pretty good deal XD (=^_____^=)


FACE : Coffret d'or base, Vitalumiere fluid #20, Benefit high Beam, Guerlain meteorites

EYES : Les 4 ombres #Enigma

CHEEKS : les tissages de chanel #tweed corail

LIPS : Rouge coco #Rose dentelle]

Now the second lot that I actually looked forward to buy then are the CHANEL foundations !

Vitalumiere satin smoothing fluid makeup #20 Clair

I asked for sample of this foundation from the SA at Sephora.
I tried and right away fell in love with this foundation !

I feel like this foundation is perfect for my (super) dry skin.

It doesn't accentuate any dry patches on my face. and it seems to keep my skin hydrating during the day.

and I luvvvvvvv the dewy, glowy finish of this foundation.

It's a light to medium coverage which I can easily build up if I want more coverage.

It doesn't get cakey.

And the most important thing is .. it doesn't break me out !!!!!!

I don't know why's weird though because there's fragance in this foundation
well actually, ALL chanel make up items have this rose smell in them.
But somehow it doesn't break me out even me who has a sensitive skin.

I also got 20% off for this foundation too.. It's sold at 40.70 euros but I saveed like 8 euros .. (I paid just 32.56 exactly) ^___^

this made my day. I love shopping and I love it more when I get them at a great deal ;0

the second CHANEL foundation I bought is :

Vitalumiere AQUA

I had been waiting to try out this new foundation since the beginning of september and I bought it straightaway when it was available in the market lol (which was around at the start of October)

I only found it at Lafayette.. I wonder why Sephora doesn't carry them
(I can't find it on Sephora website either)

The retail price here is 37.50 euros :)

In fact, I wanted to buy the shade #B20 Beige tendre but shamefully.. In France, the shade #B30 Beige sable is the lightest shade available here :(((
I don't understand why.. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

However I have to say that #B30 beige sable is quite a universal shade. Even if it looks darker than my skintone but once set on my face, it doesn't look bad at all,
It evens out my skintone and it gives the natural glow radiance like it promises to!
The consistency of this foundation is ultra light (like its name) and some watery.

Chanel describes the product as once set on the face, it will give the "second skin" glowy radiance finish which I find that all TRUE!

The coverage is pretty light though. Even I can build up the coverage, I find that it doesn't cover much especially blemishes. But the fact that it brings up the glow to the skin, so blemishes look less noticeable.

Yet, I love this product as well as the vitalumiere fluid above. I use the first one on days that I want more coverage and want to have THE perfect skin. And the second one is for everyday ;) It helps awaken my skin from fatigue and my skin still looks really really natural ;)

The one downside of this product is that it doesn't come with a pump! -*-

comparing the 2 textures.

Vitalumiere Fluid seems more like creamy fluide

while Vitalumiere AQUA is more watery and extra light

once blend in

Swatch them on my face

left : Coffret d'or base, Vitalumiere fluid #20, Benefit high Beam, Guerlain meteorites

right : only Vitalumiere Aqua

and yeahh I started doing videos now

this video is my first haul video !

here are all the products mentioned in the video


now I'm really into duffle coat ! and this Topshop duffle coat become my fav coat for this winter time :) it is really comfortable and keeps me really warm.

Here is an OOTD, the style that I love to wear right now