Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FOTD : Basic look

This is my face of the day yesterday. It's the look that i often wear when I go to college or when I want a natural looking.

I'm wearing :


The first eyeshadow colour on Sugarbaby sun-tanned palette
MAC fluidline blitz & glitz
L'oreal telescopic clean mascara


NARS orgasm


Guerlain meteorites voyage
MAC fast response eye cream
MAC studio finish concealer


MAC tinted lip conditioner in Gentle coral

Review : MAC Products

Hello guys. Today i'm gonna do a review on MAC products that I ordered about two months ago. I ordered it on MAC websites. First of all, I have to tell you that I'm not really a MAC fan because my town doesn't have MAC counter. I had to order it online on http://www.maccosmetics.fr

The shipping was really fast. I remembered order it on Thursday evening,and I received the package on Monday later.

There's no shipping fee if you buy up to 65€.

Actually, I just wanted to buy the famous MAC 187 brush that everyone on Youtube seems raving and love it so much. But since the shipping is free if you buy up to 65€. So I figured that I had to grab something else to not pay the shipping (the shipping fee is around 10€ I think it's little bit expensive) I don't find anything quite interesting at that time so I picked up the Fluidline blitz & glitz and the tinted lip conditioner in Gentle coral.

This tinted lip conditioner has the spf15 and is really helpful for people who have dry lips like me. The colour is really cute, freshy.

the swatch on the back of my hand

The top is my natural lips.
The bottom is the result when I put it on. My lips look really moisturized and this also adds a pretty colour on the lips too.

Although how much I love it, but it doesn't last long on the lips. 2 hous later the colour would fade out.

Next is the fluidline in blitz & glitz. At first, I wanted the blacktrack but they're out of stock in MAC website so I ordered blitz & glitz instead. Now I'm glad that I have it. I already have some black eye liners. but I never have a shimmer eyeliner. Blitz & glitz is in black colour with golden shimmer in it. It is so pretty once on. The shimmer is nicely made.

It doesn't fade, smudge or transfer on the eyelids if you put eye primer before. On me, it stays quite long until I remove it with the eye remover.

some swatches

And last but not least, the MAC 187 brush!

I started to do makeup few years ago. Until last year, I didn't think that makeup brushes are necessary (I mean I'd use any brush) but now that I'm totally into makeup. I changed my mind, they are vital ^^
In the old days, I had been using Maquillage brushes. They were free or given as a gift for Maquillage brand loyalty I'm not quite sure but I like them though. Last year I began watching makeup gurus on Youtube and found out that almost every gurus have to own a skunk brush. After doing a research on the brush a while (I think if I do it in my study, I would definitely get full marks ;p) I decided to give it a go. The price seems high to me and that's the only con of this brush I can think about. Other than that, the 187 is really a good goood brush. It can do almost everything you want and give the beautiful effect. love it love it <3>

oh .. after first washing the brush, the colour fade a little bit but after that, it doesn't fade anymore.

I took some photos in order to show the detail of the brush (maybe it'll be helpful for people who'd like buy it online)

If you have these products, I'd love to know your opinion. please let me a comment !

Friday, April 16, 2010

FOTD : Basic Sweet Summer Look

Hello everyone .. Today, I'm posting my face of the day. This is a very simple look that I like to wear recently .

On my eyes, I'm wearing white pearl and pinkish brown eye shadow colours and a black thin eyeliner.
Nars Luster blush on my cheek. And in order to accomplish the sweet look, I applied peachy colour on my lips.

I know you barely see the eyeshadow colours (my eyes are so small *sigh*).. but trust me I tried to open up my eyes as much as possible when I smile while taking this photo ;p

Here are the products I used :

Eyes :
- Maquillage by Shiseido Eyeshadow Palette in RD364 (colours I used are PK144 and RD734)
- Sephora liquid liner
- Maybelline colossal waterproof mascara

Cheek :
- Nars Luster

Face :
- YSL semi loose powder
- highbeam Benefit as a highlighter

Lips :
- YSL #30 Faubourg Peach

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pig Rabbit Doll

Have you ever seen a Pig and Rabbit in one Doll?

Well if you've never seen it .. then here it is >>>

A rabbit that has a piggy nose !

It also comes out with recording voice.

This is a Valentine's present from my bf. Since I love bunny and he thinks that I eat and sleep too much like a pig so he decided to get this doll for me.

This doll is present in You're Beautiful, a korean series. I don't have any opportunity to watch it yet. But everyone I know that've already seen the series, they all love it. So I wish I could watch this series one day.

Winter outfit

I know I know we're in Spring now. But since I have some photos of my Winter outfit left so I think maybe it's still not too late to post this entry :P

It did snow a lot in the past Winter. It got really cold one day but then suddenly got much warmer the day later, altenatively. Climate change is really happening *sigh* ...

I love following fashion trend but I do not always buy all clothes along the trend. Mostly, I buy basic clothes that can be picked up , mixed and matched with other clothes.

These 2 outfits are my most everyday worn outfits in Winter !

scarf / H&M
trench coat / Naf Naf
boots / I bought them at one Chinese magasin in town. They are really cheap just 19 Euros.

I cannot really remember where this outer came from because I bought it 3 - 4 years back. But it's still wearable til now :)

Review : Sephora Waterproof eye remover

This is the 3rd brand of Eye Remover I've tried. Sephora has 2 versions of eye remover. One is basically eye remover for non-waterproof makeup and the other which i got is waterproof.

The price is 6 Euros in France for 125ml.

In my opinion, I think it's kinda expensive because I've already tried the garnier and the L'oreal ones. The two are cheaper and we also get more quantity.

Does it really work? I'd say it's pretty average for a Waterproof eye remover. I like the garnier and the l'oreal ones a lot better. However, It does not irritate my eyes and can wipe makeup off pretty good too.

Review : Suntanned Sweeties by Sugarbaby

Suntanned Sweeties by Sugarbaby is the last item I bought at Sephora on the 31st of December last year (2009). At the time, I really wanted a bronzer. So I walked to Sephora in my town and saw this item shown in the front. I tested colours. They are so pretty in my opinion, except they are little bit too shimmery. But since there was just one left and normally we cannot find Sugarbaby brand at Sephora in my town so I had to grab it and voilà ..

Here are the packaging ...



I love pink colour so this packaging got to my eyes at the first glance.

Inside this palette, you get 3 eyeshadow colours, 1 cream highlighter and 1 cream contour(I guess), 1 bronzing powder, 4 lipgloss colours, brushes and a miror!

Brushes that come with the palette are bronzing brush and eye applicators

Get a closer look of the palette...

Swatches of the 3 eyeshadows and 2 highlight/contour

On the Left side : swatch of bronzing powder. I know it's pretty scary on the photo but once on your cheek, it will look better even gorgeous !

Here what bronzing powder looks on my face. It gives an effect of glow, dewy, tanned looks at the same time. But there's just one thing to keep in mind is that you have to be careful not to put it on too much!

Here the swatches of 4 lipglosses

For overall, I think this palette has almost everything we need to make the sunny, tanned look but I think the quality of the powder is average. They are way too powdery. The cream highlighter/contour are mere. Brush and applicator given in this palette is quite bad-quality. The brush is soft but there are bristles coming out everytime I use.

I paid 20 Euros for this palette. I think the price are quite reasonable, however I just expected it to be a better quality than it really is.

It can be a palette in a travel makeup bag on voyage but not an everyday makeup to me.

Review : Scarlett cacharel, eau de toilette

First of all, just so you guys know, I'm not a perfume addicted person. I don't usually wear perfume everyday. I put it on just whenever i think of it.

I like the scent that's not too sweet or just not too scented.

I got a lot of samples of this Scarlett cacharel from Sephora 3 months ago, I think. The first time that I wore it, my bf could not stop put his nose smelling at me :3 He also gave me a compliment that I smelled really good when I wear this perfume XD (so I'm not sure if he also meant that normally I don't smell good or what :P)

This perfume also reminds me of a scent that my mom and I also put on in the past but I can't remember exactly what brand.

The scent is like a sweet flower and honey. The packaging is so cute too ,with a white floral (I think) and pinkish red colour.

It's one of the perfumes that I think you can use everyday or in any special occasion.

To me, even this is an "eau de toilette", it stays on quite long (up to 8 hours). And since i never ever use any perfume until the last drop, I got it in the smallest size.

It's been my favorite to put on perfume since i got it in March. :))

Review : eye liner collection

Hello. This is my first beauty entry so i decided to upload a review on all my eye liner collection.
Basically, my all 5 eyeliners are black.

I have oily eyelids and since my eyelids are hidden, it's really hard for me to find the right one.

For these eyeliners, if I only apply them without eye base, they wouldn't last for long. Shortly, they would transfer and smudge everywhere. I just recently found out that eye base helps you a lot to keep eyeshadows and eyeliner on the eyelids longer.

My currently Favorite Eye Base is Urban Decay Primer Potion

starting with Sephora long-lasting eye liner

This one is a liquid liner. you can apply thinner or thicker as you wish with this eyeliner. But i wouldn't suggest liquid liners for beginners or people whose hands are always shaking (like mind :P). My hands are always shaking, I really have hard time of applying them, to keep the line straight. I bought it because i just wanted to try out any liquid liner. I heard that liquid liners really work for people who have eyelids hidden or have such oily eyelids

The pro of this item is that it does last long. it starts to smudge when you wear it up to 7-8 hours.

The con is huge I think. Because it' not waterproof - at all - and I do mean it! If you often have watery eyes, this eyeliner isn't made for you! With tears or just some water, even eye makeup remover this eye liner will smudge everywhere!! Since it is not waterproof at all, this means you cannot make a mistake! So it's not practical. Another thing I don't appreciate about this liquid liner is that you have to let it dry about 3 minutes(if you don't make sure it's dry, it will automatically transfer to your eyelids) before open your eyes. I personally can apply this eye liner in sunny day or when I get up early or really have time in the morning.

(top : no flash , bottom : with flash)

Kate eyeliner pencil BK (japanese brand)

This one was really my favorite for quite long time (before i met my new love : MUFE Aqua Eyes) I used to use it as my waterliner and tightliner. It did not irritate my waterlines. The colour is not deep black but kinda brownish black.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 0L

This MUFE Aqua Eyes is a must-have for me right now. It does a work of waterliner and tightliner perfectly! It gives me more sharpen eyes (not too harsh, just the way it's supposed to be^^) I'd recommend it to anyone!

Etude eye liner 01 (Korean brand)

This eyeliner is my first gel eye liner i ever used. It gives a perfect matt black liner. I never used this with an eyebase but I can tell you that without any eyebase, this gel eyeliner does smudge a little bit which I kinda like the effect it gives when it smudges. The line is more softer and blend well with eyeshadow on the eyelids. I think Etude brand really makes a good quality of eyeliner^^

(left : no flash, right : with flash)

Mac fluidline Blitz & Glitz

The last one I'm going to write about is Mac fluidline Blitz & Glitz. I just got it a month ago. I actually wanted fluidline blacktrack but it was out of stock in the MAC website so i ordered Blitz & Glitz instead. The colour is black with golden shimmer. At first, I thought that the shimmer was too observable but now I guess I just get used to it. In my opinion, the gel eyeliner is slightly slippy but once it's on your eyelids, it stays -forever-

The swatches of these liners together.

(with flash)

Speaking of which one is the darkest, you'll have Sephora > MUF > Etude > MAC > Kate

Etude is matt black. MUF colour is kinda 2b pencil. MAC comes in dark golden shimmer and Kate is brownish black

(the photo in no flash)

Now let's see which one is the most durable liner....

I put some water on my hand. Every liners still look fine except the Sephora one !

Then I reput some water on my hand and scrubbed all liners out. The Sephora one was disappearing. The other liners were smearing little by little.

I washed my hand and scrubbed it at the same time. The 3 liners which are the most durable (they did smear a little bit but I think it's acceptable) I discovered, are MAC, MUFE and Etude ones.

To remove them out, I used Sephora Waterproof Eye Remover. I put it on my hand and took a photo after 3 seconds.

Then reput it and let it dry about 10 seconds. And all liners are gone.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Phone Cases

New phone cases... my mom got them from Thailand and sent them to me. Im so glad because in France here it's hard to find a cute (cawaii style) case and cheap at the same time.