Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review : NARS GINA blush

Hey, everyone.. I've bought so many things during the past summer vacation.. it is nearly impossible to include all in one post so I'm gonna do each post for one product, reviewing them is better than just make a preview like haul, (right? ^^)

at the Nars counter, I was thinking to buy Douceur, the new one but after swatched it on the inside part of my arm, it maked me think of the Oasis color which I already have.. so I asked the BA to put it on my cheeks, see what it would be.. and I thought I was right! Douceur reminds me of Oasis but in the non-shimmering version! That's why I came home with Gina.
Gina is a nice color of coral/orange which i was looking for for long time .. now I found it! ^____^

here are some photos :

If i had to rate this item, I think I would give it a 5/5 ! XD

a photo of my NARS blush family xoxo

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hi guys,, it's been really long time since may .. i'm sorry i know i said that i would upload more but since i dont have the internet connection at my home (in TH), I couldn't really upload any blogs.

Anyway i am now back to France! thinking of The 3 months vacation in Thailand now, they seemed really too short to me.

oh and i had a chance to travel to Korea too! it was a surprise though, I didn't think I would go there this past summer but yeahhh Korea is super cool. It was like heaven for poeple who are crazy about korean makeup (as I am) LOL

In Korea and in Thailand, I spent a lot of money buying clothes, accessories, makeup, skincare blah blahh.. and now i think i'll be broke till next year ! :P

Speaking of my study, this year will be the super busy year for me .. for this semester, i have 4 dossiers to do T_T this is just killing me .. .hope i could get by it >_<>

Okay back to the OOTD that i wanted to share with you^^

here me in a jumpsuit at my cousin's ordination ceremony. It was taken at a temple :))

The jumpsuit is super cheap .. well if i may say.. everything in Thailand seemes really a good deal comparing to France here or the USA .. :) I paid around 8 euros for it ! (^0^)