Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hi guys,, it's been really long time since may .. i'm sorry i know i said that i would upload more but since i dont have the internet connection at my home (in TH), I couldn't really upload any blogs.

Anyway i am now back to France! thinking of The 3 months vacation in Thailand now, they seemed really too short to me.

oh and i had a chance to travel to Korea too! it was a surprise though, I didn't think I would go there this past summer but yeahhh Korea is super cool. It was like heaven for poeple who are crazy about korean makeup (as I am) LOL

In Korea and in Thailand, I spent a lot of money buying clothes, accessories, makeup, skincare blah blahh.. and now i think i'll be broke till next year ! :P

Speaking of my study, this year will be the super busy year for me .. for this semester, i have 4 dossiers to do T_T this is just killing me .. .hope i could get by it >_<>

Okay back to the OOTD that i wanted to share with you^^

here me in a jumpsuit at my cousin's ordination ceremony. It was taken at a temple :))

The jumpsuit is super cheap .. well if i may say.. everything in Thailand seemes really a good deal comparing to France here or the USA .. :) I paid around 8 euros for it ! (^0^)

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