Monday, December 27, 2010


I know Christmas is bygone.. but here are some late Christmas photos that my bf took in Montbéliard, a petite ville (little town) near Besançon where I live.

I don't actually celebrate Christmas but Christmas is somehow one of my favorite celebration. It kinda has some magic going on in these holidays :)

This year it's been a white chirstmas.. snow snow everywhere ... me lying on my bed all day yet i caught a cold :(

but i'm feeling better now (after long long sleeping like 24 hours :p)


and you may notice that i changed my blog template again.. i really am an indecisive person.. i get boring too easily...  ;p

now i'm obsessed with minimalist.. so i'm not wearing make up much at this moment.

Lately, i've spent tons of my money into fashion and accessories 'cause i think i don't have enough which obviously are not true at all (stated my bf lol) but yeah.. i will take sometimes off with make up buys and will try to use up all make up i have right now ^___~


  1. aww feel better soon! gd luck in using everything up!

  2. wow... enjoy I really miss snow.