Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello, everyone... It's Friday and only 2 more days I'll be on the plane flying back to Thailand.. Hope the situation there won't affect my flight

These past days, Thailand has really been in crisis like we never ever thought this would happen to our country but now the problems seem to be improved and I hope with all my heart to see it better !
However just to tell you guys ... CNN can not be trusted ... They have such biased information towards the former president Thaksin. And for reporting news, they are not giving history or anything with the news which can make a lot of people confuse and misunderstand the situation in Thailand !

OK.. now I think it's better to let it go before this post's gonna be all about political issues ^^'

Now talking about the Haul ! It's all from SPECIAL ITEMS !

I did not have a chance to visit the shop by myself because there has only one shop in Paris which I couldn't go because my exams were coming. So I wrote like a wish list and my dad went to the shop and picked something for me ^___^v
(He came to France and stayed here for about 2 weeks and he had to go to Paris so I took this opportunity !)

These are all i got .... many items are out of stock though.

Green jacobs from MBMJ canvas is a super neon green ever..... I bought this for my cousin. But she didn't like it much so I think I'll sell it....

Lipstick Pen.. I wrote in my wish list that I wanted 8 lipstick pens but my dad just picked 1 for me... anyway it's still better than nothing, right?

And I think it's the cheapest item in the shop hahaaa .. it costs just 1 euro!

the gorgeous golden leopard keyloop ^___^

Mirror Heart Clutch #Gold
I boght this for my aunt since she's chinese and really loves gold colour so hopefully she'll like it :D

last but not least, my clutch

I really adore this clutch ... .it's the perfect size for my iphone, passport, card holder, etc... everything necessary will just fit it here !

size comparison of these 2 clutches

These below are mbmj items that I asked a friend living near Paris to buy and send them for me. She's super generous , nice and kind ^^

it's the Mirror Heart Tote in Special Items #GUNMETAL

and since I'm going back to Thailand so I have to buy many things for my relatives. This year I did not have any idea what I was gonna buy until I discover the special items from mbmj world :P

They are all cheap which is really good because I can afford to buy them without an effort of saving money ^^

Now .. . let's take a close look on the bag ..

It's just as shiny as the name mirror heart ! which is hard to take a nice shot of this gorgeous bag

It's sold 64 Euros here .. but I see in the marc jacbos website, it is around $70 or less.

inside the bag

A4 paper and binder can fit right in it which is good because i'm a student and i need that! lol

Here is what it looks when it's on.. .. please just only look at the bag .. I took this photo on my exam day. I did not have any make up on and simply dressed with a T-shirt and jeans because i was so stressed with the exams


  1. I like the studded clutch and the lipstick pen, the bag is also very nice! :)

  2. n'femme!! d jai i found u here xxx

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  4. Woah! The metal handbag is soo cute. I am very envious!! Marc Jacobs is amazing in every way, I just found out he's been designing for LV for quite some time? Awesome post :)