Monday, November 15, 2010

KOREA TRIP (30 june - 4 july 2010) part 1

Hi, guys .. so yeah in this post i'm gonna talk about Korea trip that i went last summer !..

It's been now like 5 months ago... hmm

and I've still not finished to process the photos I've taken -*- really been sooo lazy these days (well actually i'm ALWAYS lazy - -'')

anyway .. I managed to resize some photos and put them together to show you guys =)

I went to Korea with a tour group so we didn't actually have much time in one place.

When we go with a tour group, normally the 1st and last day are all about departure and arrival.

I was flying with Jinair airline. it is a low cost airline.

but i was pretty satisfied with the service. here was a meal on the plane.

We left Bangkok, Thailand around 1 pm and we arrived in Seoul, Korea nearly 9.30 pm and went directly check-in in a hotel .. and that's pretty much what we did for the first day !

here was my make up for the 2nd day in Korea.

The first place we visited was Hwaseong fortress. It is located in Suwon

we only walked about 1 kilometre I think.

Then we went to Wau Jeongsa Temple. I think it's a Thai temple. This is a really calm and peaceful place. We could hear Thai prayer all over the temple.

After that, we spent the afternoon at Everland. I did not play many attractions there because I was with my aunt and my mom.

So we only took some photos and went to Safari, see some animal shows ^^

while i was there, the theme of the park was "Summer Splash".

Etude House shop in Everland.. I love the decoration of the shop here.. it's really cute and dreaming.

one activity I couldn't miss was trying out cute headbands and taking photos :P

and i ended up buying a bunny one <3

colorful tree ..

Korean couples are really sweet ! I luuuuuuuuv how they are wearing clothes in pair.

I took a photo of a couple. Both of them were wearing the exact same T-shirt, knee breeches and sneakers !

how cute is that >_< ..



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  2. I have been reading and watching your make up tutorial for a while. I just found this English version blog few days ago. I really enjoy reading your blog. By the way, nice photos :)

    P.S. Where do you live in France? I'm moving to France in Jan. I will be living in Fontainbleu.

  3. Usa.

    thank you for following my blog >_< you're so kind.
    I live in Besancon. It's in Region de Franche-comté, not very far from Swizerland ^^
    Are you going to be here for good or just for some years?

  4. I haven't decided yet. At least 8 months but can be longer than that. My husband will go to school there. I will have to start learning French...don't know how long will it take for me to be able to communicate with other people.

    By the way, you said somewhere about your English is not good. Don't worry, your English is pretty good actually :)

  5. you are so pretty..
    i happen to visit your blog by accident.
    i am korean.
    so.. i hope you enjoyed korea well..^^

  6. Usa.

    thank you again ! hope you will have a great time here in France :)


    thank you for stopping by. yess i did enjoy my time there.. looking forward to visit there again >_<