Saturday, November 13, 2010

Natural Flawless (Korean inspired)

Hi! i'm posting a new how to video. This is how i do a natural flawless look.

like its title, i was inspired by Korean make up!

In this video, i speak Thai but i tried to put some English subtitle in the video ^^

a close up to the eye look

Finished look

After seeing my video and look at the photos,

I kinda think that i'm better in doing photo how to than video how to ^^'

maybe i will be focusing on doing photo how to in the future =)


  1. Thanks for the video! Your skin is so glowy and flawless!

  2. This is a really clean yet pretty and cute look! Lovely! <3

  3. thank you both of you for lovely comments xXx

  4. you look flawless and beautiful! i love this kind of clean look :)

  5. Wow....u look very cute girl naja ^^

    Keep trying ur best for make up guru jaaa