Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review : eye liner collection

Hello. This is my first beauty entry so i decided to upload a review on all my eye liner collection.
Basically, my all 5 eyeliners are black.

I have oily eyelids and since my eyelids are hidden, it's really hard for me to find the right one.

For these eyeliners, if I only apply them without eye base, they wouldn't last for long. Shortly, they would transfer and smudge everywhere. I just recently found out that eye base helps you a lot to keep eyeshadows and eyeliner on the eyelids longer.

My currently Favorite Eye Base is Urban Decay Primer Potion

starting with Sephora long-lasting eye liner

This one is a liquid liner. you can apply thinner or thicker as you wish with this eyeliner. But i wouldn't suggest liquid liners for beginners or people whose hands are always shaking (like mind :P). My hands are always shaking, I really have hard time of applying them, to keep the line straight. I bought it because i just wanted to try out any liquid liner. I heard that liquid liners really work for people who have eyelids hidden or have such oily eyelids

The pro of this item is that it does last long. it starts to smudge when you wear it up to 7-8 hours.

The con is huge I think. Because it' not waterproof - at all - and I do mean it! If you often have watery eyes, this eyeliner isn't made for you! With tears or just some water, even eye makeup remover this eye liner will smudge everywhere!! Since it is not waterproof at all, this means you cannot make a mistake! So it's not practical. Another thing I don't appreciate about this liquid liner is that you have to let it dry about 3 minutes(if you don't make sure it's dry, it will automatically transfer to your eyelids) before open your eyes. I personally can apply this eye liner in sunny day or when I get up early or really have time in the morning.

(top : no flash , bottom : with flash)

Kate eyeliner pencil BK (japanese brand)

This one was really my favorite for quite long time (before i met my new love : MUFE Aqua Eyes) I used to use it as my waterliner and tightliner. It did not irritate my waterlines. The colour is not deep black but kinda brownish black.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 0L

This MUFE Aqua Eyes is a must-have for me right now. It does a work of waterliner and tightliner perfectly! It gives me more sharpen eyes (not too harsh, just the way it's supposed to be^^) I'd recommend it to anyone!

Etude eye liner 01 (Korean brand)

This eyeliner is my first gel eye liner i ever used. It gives a perfect matt black liner. I never used this with an eyebase but I can tell you that without any eyebase, this gel eyeliner does smudge a little bit which I kinda like the effect it gives when it smudges. The line is more softer and blend well with eyeshadow on the eyelids. I think Etude brand really makes a good quality of eyeliner^^

(left : no flash, right : with flash)

Mac fluidline Blitz & Glitz

The last one I'm going to write about is Mac fluidline Blitz & Glitz. I just got it a month ago. I actually wanted fluidline blacktrack but it was out of stock in the MAC website so i ordered Blitz & Glitz instead. The colour is black with golden shimmer. At first, I thought that the shimmer was too observable but now I guess I just get used to it. In my opinion, the gel eyeliner is slightly slippy but once it's on your eyelids, it stays -forever-

The swatches of these liners together.

(with flash)

Speaking of which one is the darkest, you'll have Sephora > MUF > Etude > MAC > Kate

Etude is matt black. MUF colour is kinda 2b pencil. MAC comes in dark golden shimmer and Kate is brownish black

(the photo in no flash)

Now let's see which one is the most durable liner....

I put some water on my hand. Every liners still look fine except the Sephora one !

Then I reput some water on my hand and scrubbed all liners out. The Sephora one was disappearing. The other liners were smearing little by little.

I washed my hand and scrubbed it at the same time. The 3 liners which are the most durable (they did smear a little bit but I think it's acceptable) I discovered, are MAC, MUFE and Etude ones.

To remove them out, I used Sephora Waterproof Eye Remover. I put it on my hand and took a photo after 3 seconds.

Then reput it and let it dry about 10 seconds. And all liners are gone.

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  1. Oooh, I like how matte black the Sephora one is, shame it's not waterproof :(

    Just a question, does the MUFE one smudge if you apply it to your eyelids (not the waterline), I'm using a Revlon waterproof one and it creases on me everytime arghhhh

    btw <3 ur blog :)