Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review : Scarlett cacharel, eau de toilette

First of all, just so you guys know, I'm not a perfume addicted person. I don't usually wear perfume everyday. I put it on just whenever i think of it.

I like the scent that's not too sweet or just not too scented.

I got a lot of samples of this Scarlett cacharel from Sephora 3 months ago, I think. The first time that I wore it, my bf could not stop put his nose smelling at me :3 He also gave me a compliment that I smelled really good when I wear this perfume XD (so I'm not sure if he also meant that normally I don't smell good or what :P)

This perfume also reminds me of a scent that my mom and I also put on in the past but I can't remember exactly what brand.

The scent is like a sweet flower and honey. The packaging is so cute too ,with a white floral (I think) and pinkish red colour.

It's one of the perfumes that I think you can use everyday or in any special occasion.

To me, even this is an "eau de toilette", it stays on quite long (up to 8 hours). And since i never ever use any perfume until the last drop, I got it in the smallest size.

It's been my favorite to put on perfume since i got it in March. :))

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