Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pig Rabbit Doll

Have you ever seen a Pig and Rabbit in one Doll?

Well if you've never seen it .. then here it is >>>

A rabbit that has a piggy nose !

It also comes out with recording voice.

This is a Valentine's present from my bf. Since I love bunny and he thinks that I eat and sleep too much like a pig so he decided to get this doll for me.

This doll is present in You're Beautiful, a korean series. I don't have any opportunity to watch it yet. But everyone I know that've already seen the series, they all love it. So I wish I could watch this series one day.


  1. ^^ it so cute ka . You've to watch this movie if you can na it very good ka.

  2. thank you for the first comment and your confirmation! lol.. Now I think I'm definitely gonna have to put it in my To buy list in Thailand.

  3. oh you're so lucky to have it^^ in addition it is the original one^^
    you should watch this drama^^ it is in my top 3 with boys before flowers and Full House among a lot of korean ones^^ the actors are absolutely fabulous ^^ and the story very interesting in a korean music band^^
    you can watch it online or download it^^ korean dramas' fans often use the websites below :

    here are the english subs =>

    here are all the RAW =>\'re beautiful&start=50

    it is better to download it on you're computer because the quality is great^^ if you want to watch it in streaming, mysoju is a good website to watch asian dramas
    have a great day :)

    drey jewelry.

  4. Thank you for your helpful information Audrey.Unfortunately my exams are coming so I have to wait til the end of May to really start watching it. but you know what, Full house and Boys over flower are also my favorite korean series too! I love them. I can watch this two over and over again!

  5. hi jz wanna knw.whr did ur bf bought it?