Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review : MAC Products

Hello guys. Today i'm gonna do a review on MAC products that I ordered about two months ago. I ordered it on MAC websites. First of all, I have to tell you that I'm not really a MAC fan because my town doesn't have MAC counter. I had to order it online on http://www.maccosmetics.fr

The shipping was really fast. I remembered order it on Thursday evening,and I received the package on Monday later.

There's no shipping fee if you buy up to 65€.

Actually, I just wanted to buy the famous MAC 187 brush that everyone on Youtube seems raving and love it so much. But since the shipping is free if you buy up to 65€. So I figured that I had to grab something else to not pay the shipping (the shipping fee is around 10€ I think it's little bit expensive) I don't find anything quite interesting at that time so I picked up the Fluidline blitz & glitz and the tinted lip conditioner in Gentle coral.

This tinted lip conditioner has the spf15 and is really helpful for people who have dry lips like me. The colour is really cute, freshy.

the swatch on the back of my hand

The top is my natural lips.
The bottom is the result when I put it on. My lips look really moisturized and this also adds a pretty colour on the lips too.

Although how much I love it, but it doesn't last long on the lips. 2 hous later the colour would fade out.

Next is the fluidline in blitz & glitz. At first, I wanted the blacktrack but they're out of stock in MAC website so I ordered blitz & glitz instead. Now I'm glad that I have it. I already have some black eye liners. but I never have a shimmer eyeliner. Blitz & glitz is in black colour with golden shimmer in it. It is so pretty once on. The shimmer is nicely made.

It doesn't fade, smudge or transfer on the eyelids if you put eye primer before. On me, it stays quite long until I remove it with the eye remover.

some swatches

And last but not least, the MAC 187 brush!

I started to do makeup few years ago. Until last year, I didn't think that makeup brushes are necessary (I mean I'd use any brush) but now that I'm totally into makeup. I changed my mind, they are vital ^^
In the old days, I had been using Maquillage brushes. They were free or given as a gift for Maquillage brand loyalty I'm not quite sure but I like them though. Last year I began watching makeup gurus on Youtube and found out that almost every gurus have to own a skunk brush. After doing a research on the brush a while (I think if I do it in my study, I would definitely get full marks ;p) I decided to give it a go. The price seems high to me and that's the only con of this brush I can think about. Other than that, the 187 is really a good goood brush. It can do almost everything you want and give the beautiful effect. love it love it <3>

oh .. after first washing the brush, the colour fade a little bit but after that, it doesn't fade anymore.

I took some photos in order to show the detail of the brush (maybe it'll be helpful for people who'd like buy it online)

If you have these products, I'd love to know your opinion. please let me a comment !

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